Key Details


All assignments will be posted on the course web page.

The course is divided into two section, the first is the (Quizzes + Final Exam) and the second is the (Assignments + Lab Assignments). You must achieve a passing grade in each of the sections to pass the course. A failing total in either of the above two sections will result in a final grade in the course equal to that failing total. The highest grade you can achieve if you fail either section is 45%.

It is academic misconduct to collaborate on assignments which do not explicitly allow for group work. It is also misconduct to represent other student’s work as your own. There are penalties for doing this. All parties to misconduct will be reported to the Director of the School of Computer Science as participants in academic misconduct. See Academic Misconduct in Section VIII of the Undergraduate Calendar for the causes and penalties of misconduct.

Failure to submit assignments correctly will result in a substantial loss of marks.

The level of difficulty for assignments will be set based upon the semester level of the students. Students in later semesters will receive more challenging assignments. The organization of groups for labs and assignments will also be based upon semester level of the students. Students with higher semester levels will be placed in the same group or may instead be required to complete individual assignments instead of group assignments.





Marking Scheme

Lecture Topics