Brainstorming is a group technique to try and come up with solutions to a problem.

Its goal is to produce a lot of ideas.



Rules for Brainstorming

  1. Don’t be critical. Criticism can also disengage people and is counterintuitive to an environment where you are trying to generate new ideas.
  2. Welcome unusual ideas. You may not be able to implement an idea, however a “crazy” idea may have good underpinnings.
  3. Quality will lead to quality. A large number of ideas will lead to a good solution.
  4. Looking at the problem with a new perspective. Can you simplify an existing application? Can an application for one demographic be migrated to another one? Can on application be used for another task?
  5. Suspend assumptions. Business models and customer demographics can change.
  6. Combine new ideas. Building better and new ideas from associated ideas.

Brainstorming Process

During The Meeting