CIS2500 Lab Two

There are no tasks or coding lessons this week, we just want to make sure that you have gotten on board with Git and are comfortable with the core concepts required to complete your first assignment.


  1. Moodle Survey
  2. Git
  3. Review
  4. Parsing
  5. A1 Advice

Moodle Survey

Before we begin, Justin wants everyone to take a moment to fill out his survey on Moodle.

GIT Setup

Setup Your Profile

Execute the following commands. The ‘’ and ‘’ parts aren’t placeholders for anything and meant to be entered as shown. The parts between brackets are placeholders and should be replaced with your credentials, omitting the brackets when doing so.

Login Credentials

Basic Commands (Minimum Needed to Submit Assignment)

Other Helpful Commands


Getting arguments in from the command line using argc and argv

Opening files

Reading lines from a file


strtok: A Blessing and a Curse

strtok is useful for parsing strings within a loop. It has some caveats to take into consideration though. You by no means need to use it for this assignment, however it may be helpful to know.

Other Possible Topics of Interest

Advice for A1 and Beyond

Stay for my office hours after the lab to discuss specific concerns and strategies. In general, keep the following in mind when coding: